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electric wheel chair wheelchair
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Tiny-Turn Radius for tight corners


Fixed armrest on Portashopper I and

Flip-Up on Portashopper II, fixed

footrest, folding foot board,

Rugged Nylon Front Casters

Standard with Air-Glide Suspension

Casters available as option

Detachable back and seat cushion

Washable seat cushion cover.

The chair folds up within 5 seconds.

Ultra light, Only 18KG without

battery./ 40 Lb Total

Powered by Flight Friendly FAA

compliant ENVIROFRIENDLY 10amp

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (60%

lighter than Lead acid battery)

Easily stored Upright & Folded

Programmable Joystick

Easy to disassemble for


Battery lasts 15km on a 5 Hour


Comes fully assembled

Easily fits in back seat or car boot

3 year factory warranty

Off-road capacity like mobility

scooter (with Air-Glide caster option

Seat Width: 400mm, Height: 490mm

Backrest Height: 365mm

Weight Capacity: 120kgs

Rear Wheel: 8" x 5 width caster

Motor: 150W, Battery: 24V8AH

Max speed: 7.8kmph

Max Gradient: 12degrees

Charging period: 5 hours

Endurance: 15km

Overall size: 795x570x840mm

Folded size: 570x290x690mm

Carton Size: 620x330x760 mm

More Details

Lightweight, Portable and Folds in 5

seconds so you can take it everywhere

On	Motor & Frame, 2 Years on battery & 1 Year on Controller   3 Year Warranty
Call Tollfree now 1800 700 393
The Ideal Travel Wheelchair, More Portable than any Mobility Scooter Folds up and Deploys in only 5 Seconds - Watch Video Now
3 Yr Warranty Nationwide Service PACKAGE 3 Year Money Back Guarantee 30 Day
Call Toll free now on 1800 700 393 (Australia) or International +614 1281 4046 (GMT+10Hrs)
If you have a mobility issue that’s keeping you away from the shopping malls, markets, outdoor  events and people you love, then the revolutionary Portashopper lightweight power wheel chair may just the innovation you've been waiting for. Get the Portashopper II with Flip-Up Armrests and Virtually Unbreakable Nylon Casters today for only $2495.00 (International Shipping Included) or choose extra options and accessories  to customise it for your own needs.

The AirGlide™ Suspension Casters

The amazing Air-Glide™ Suspension Casters will smooth out your ride and help you breeze over rougher outdoor terrain and small obstacles like sliding door rails, concrete lips, cobblestones etc. Ideal for European Holidays as well.    

15 Reasons why this is the Ideal

Travelling Electric Wheelchair

1. Take on all vehicles -  Car, Normal Taxis, Bus, Train or Ship -  Flight friendly Lithium Batteries 2. Extreme Range - Goes 15KM (9.3 Miles) per charge per battery (carries 2 concealed batteries) 3. Easy to lift - If you have normal upper body strength you can lift it into your car or taxi with ease. Never be put off by a lack of wheelchair accessibility again -  simply lift onto curbs and other obstacles - Ideal for 3rd world travel. 4. Carries heavier passengers - from children to adults weighing 120KG (264lb or 18- UK Stone) 5. For flat areas and light outdoors - perfect for shopping centres and moderate outdoor environments such as outdoor markets, sporting events etc. Even better with the Air-Glide™ casters which takes you almost everywhere a mobility scooter can. 6. Easy Side Transfers - with rugged Flip-Up Armrests for no hassle slide transfers or save $475.00 for the Portashopper I with static armrests. 7. Tight Manoeuvring - Perfect for getting around in the house, cramped bathrooms and shops with narrow passages (needs only 60cm or 2ft wide passageway) 8. Powerful Motor for climbing steep ramps and hills. Excellent power to weight ratios climbs hills of upto 12 degrees with ease. 9. Suits tall passengers and those who cannot bend knees sharply - With add-on Adjustable Footrest Option. 10. Opens and unfolds almost effortlessly - with optional “pop- open” spring assist kit 11. Effortless pushing option for carers - with optional “Carer- bracket” that allows the carer to “drive” the wheelchair from behind by using the Joystick controller rather than pushing. 12. Ships Internationally and fully assembled to your doorstep by courier - you’ll be going in 15 minutes time after your parcel arrives. 13. Internationally Supported 3 Year Exchange Warranty on frame and motors, 2 years on batteries and 1 year on joystick controller and control-box. Simply e-mail video or photo of problem and we’ll send replacement spares that can be exchanged by any handyman due to modular design. 14. 3 Year Warranty Repair Service contract available in Australia for extra $300.00 ( for those who dont have anyone who can operate an Allen key and Screwdriver) 15. Extremely easy to control - ships with a short throw joystick controller that is incredibly easy to use, and with the acceleration setting you can keep the power wheelchair on walking speed until you are used to it at which time you can bump it up and start getting around at a fast jog speed of 7.8 km/h  

Watch this 30 second intro video now

Watch this complete 5 minute video presentation now

The “Travel Kit” Trolley and Cover

If you intend travelling with the

Portashopper this travelling kit will be an

invaluable companion for the sake of not

only protecting your Portashopper, but

also for turning it into a completely

portable unit by means of the folding

hand trolley.

US$399.00 Shipping Incl

Add-on Adjustable Footrests

US$249.00 Shipping Incl

Extra 24v 8aH Battery

Many of our taller clients or those who find it hard to bend their knees have asked for extended footrests, We now have these add-on adjustable units which clamp on to the frame allowing them to be hung from or removed in a matter of seconds.
Many of our taller clients or those who find it hard to bend their knees have asked for extended footrests, We now have these add-on adjustable units which clamp on to the frame allowing them to be hung from or removed in a matter of seconds.
US$499.00 Shipping Incl

Carer Steering and Driving Arm

US$299.00 Shipping Incl
US$299.00 Shipping Incl US$2495.00 Shipping Incl Get The Portashopper  now for only US$2495.00 which includes Free International Shipping in July*

Please allow up to 30 days to

receive your parcel as each is

individually manufactured

according to your colour choice

and other requirements.

Buy with 100% Buyer

Protection from Paypal

Free International Shipping

Buy Now with the confidence of

Paypals’ 100% Buyer Protection

Choose from between  Yellow, Burgundy or Silver and get the Portashopper II with Flip-Up Armrests,  Unbreakable Nylon Casters and one Battery (15 KM range per charge) as well as Free International Shipping to your doorstep by Express Courier in July. Our 3 Year Factory Exchange Warranty

A Brief Explanation of

our Warranty Terms

Here Bruce Josephs from 26 Dentrys Rd in Newstead, Victoria calls in and I inadvertently record his unsolicited views on the Portashopper which he had purchased 2 weeks earlier
Here I ask Peter Hewitt from Adelaide what he thinks of the Portashopper that he purchased for his wife who is suffering from severe spinal problems.

Pop Open Assist Kit

For those with limited strength we have created the "Pop-Open Assist Kit that helps the chair to unfold by means of a custom manufactured and calibrated gas strut. 
Many carers have told us how physically tough it is to push their patients around in a wheelchair, and thus we designed a carer attachment for the Portashopper that converts this job into an effortless exercise.
All purchases are made according to our standard terms and conditions as described on the following link

Standard Terms

Payment can be made by Paypal, TT , EFT or Visa/Mastercard or Amex for which a 3.5% surcharge applies.  Paying by Paypal provides buyer protection in terms of being able to reverse payments for items not received, or if items are (within reason) not as advertised.  If you live in Gold Coast-Tweed Brisbane area, please call me to arrange for personal delivery or limited terms.  Shipment is made to the delivery address shown in your Paypal  profile, please make sure it’s correct and that you list a daytime phone no, preferably a mobile phone.  Prices do include Australian GST, but if abroad you are liable for all customs and local taxes if applicable.  Shipments are dispatched directly from our warehouse, pickup is not possible.   Please allow up to 30 working days for delivery once payment has been        confirmed.  In most cases delivery is much quicker.  Crikeymate Trading is not directly liable for any loss, theft, or damage to any goods during shipping.  While all care is taken, any errors or omission in the item details is          unintentional.    All pictures in this listing are for illustration purposes only  Please e-mail us to indicate colour choice, i.e. Yellow, Burgundy or Silver. If not available you will be notified for a 2nd choice.  Warranty is 3 yrs on Motors & Frame, 2 yrs on Battery, 1 yr on the controller and three months on the quick wearing parts like the wheels and upholstery.  If any item fails within the warranty period, please e-mail us and we will arrange for repair or exchange.  By purchasing you agree to absolve Crikeymate Trading from all  responsibility for any injuries or loss that may occur from using the Portashopper wheelchair.
Lifetec Listed US$599.00 Shipping Incl